Vehicle safety and compliance Assessor

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Vehicle safety and compliance Assessor

Job description
The role we are seeking to fill is that of an Vehicle safety and compliance Assessor to give an independent professional opinion that risks have been reduced to an acceptable level, or to judge on compliance to relevant requirements

We are seeking a consultant with a general experience in safety engineering and  independent safety assessment, and experience with relevant safety standards  used in rolling stock, light rail and autonomous vehicle projects.

In the assurance work we perform you will be required to review and assess compliance with a.o. EN50126/28/29, ISO26262 and IEC61508 (Functional Safety) standards, or to judge on compliance with the requirements in European Directives and national legislation.

Qualifications required:

  • Relevant TU Master Degree, e.g. in Robotica or with additional courses on Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.

Technical expertise & skills required:

  • A visible passion for autonomous transport (automotive and railway)
  • Safety engineering (The Yellow Book, Common Safety Methods for Risk Assessment and equivalent) safety standards such as EN50126/28/29, ISO26262 and IEC61508
  • Analytical and methodical problem solving.
  • Versatile and adaptable, able to operate under pressure.
  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal, in the English language written and spoken, preferably in German as well.
  • Flexibility to travel if required.

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Ricardo plc. is a global strategic, technical and environmental consultancy. It is also a specialist niche manufacturer of high performance products. The company employs over 2,900 professional engineers, consultants and scientists who are committed to delivering outstanding projects focused on class-leading innovation in our core product areas of engine, transmission, vehicle, hybrid and electrical systems, environmental forecasting and impact analysis.

Our activities cover a range of market sectors, including automotive, motorcycle, rail, defense, marine, government, clean energy and power generation. Our client list includes the world’s major transportation original equipment manufacturers, supply chain organizations, energy companies, financial institutions and government agencies.

Ricardo Nederland B.V. & Ricardo Certification

Independent assurance and technical advice are central to our service portfolio. Now, as part of the Ricardo group, we also offer clients direct access to the latest in transportation engineering and design, including the technologies and applications that Ricardo’s engineers have successfully brought to fields such as high-performance vehicles, mass-transit and clean energy generation for over 100 years. 

Services for rail clients are usually delivered by either:

Ricardo Rail, which focuses on technical consulting, product development and certain unaccredited assurance roles.
Ricardo Certification, which is a separate and entirely independent business, provides accredited assurance and certification services.

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